Analyze journey reports and performance
Understand how to analyze and measure performance of a journey.
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You can view comprehensive reports for all Journeys. You can export these reports to analyze Journey performance with your metrics, compare performance across Journeys and understand engagement trends.

Journey Overview Report

The journey overview report gives you all the details of how the journey is performing, how many customers went through the journey, and details of individual messages sent from the journey.

The overview consists of 3 sections as mentioned in the image above.

  1. Users Engaged: The first section at top of the overview screen shows how many customers entered the journey in lifespan, how many of them are still in the journey, and how many have exited the journey.

  2. Conversions & Revenue: The second section shows the conversions and revenue generated from the journey in the last 30 days, you can change the period from 30 days to any other timeline to view more conversions.

  3. Individual Campaign Statistics: Below conversions, you can see the performance of individual campaigns, you can also see samples of the last few messages sent by the journey.

Journey step-wise report

The journey step-wise report gives you details of each journey steps like how many customers entered that step, how many customers are waiting on that step, etc.

The reports are different for each journey step type. Details for reach step type are mentioned below.

  1. Entry Step(purple colored): The entry step report gives you details on how many customers entered the journey.

  2. Wait For Event & Wait For Time (red-colored): The wait step report gives you details of:

    1. How many customers entered into this step.

    2. How many customers are waiting for timeout or event

    3. How many customers exited via timeout or by performing a particular event/action.

  3. Send Message Step(green-colored): Send message step report gives you details of how many customers the message was sent to and how many customers were not reachable on the messaging channel.

  4. Conditions Step(yellow-colored): The condition step report gives you details of how many customers have matched the mentioned condition or not.

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