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Campaign Performance Tracking
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For each campaign you run on Growlytics, you get detailed reports of how your campaigns are performing and how much revenue the campaigns are generating.

As you can see from the above screenshot, for each campaign, you can see all the delivery statistics, conversions and revenue generated.

  1. Eligible: Eligible customers to whom message will be sent.

  2. Sent: Count of messages sent for this campaign.

  3. Delivered: Count of messages sent for this campaign.

  4. Failed: Count of messages sent for this campaign.

  5. Opens:

    1. Unique Opens: # of customers opened email.

    2. Total Opens: Total email opens.

  6. Clicks

    1. Unique Clicks: # of customers clicked on message link.

    2. Total Clicks: Total message clicks.

  7. Conversions:

    1. Total Conversions: # of conversions.

    2. Total Revenue: Amount of revenue generated.

Setting up Conversion Tracking

For conversions, you can select the conversion event by clicking on the "Revenue Tracking Setup" button. You can specify the event you want to use for conversion and revenue tracking as shown on the screenshot below.

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