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If you wish to change something in the already published journey, you can do it without pausing or creating a new copy of the journey.

To edit a running journey, go to the journey list in Growlytics Dashboard and click on a journey that you want to edit from the journey list.

You will see a journey report page as shown in the screenshot below.

On the journey report page, click on the "Journey Steps" tab as shown on the screenshot above. You will see the journey steps as shown in the screenshot below.

On the Journey steps tab, click on the step that you want to edit, for our explanation we will be clicking on the "Check Past Behaviour" step as shown in the screenshot above.

Once clicked, you will see a dialogue to edit the details of the past behaviour journey step as shown in the screenshot below.

To edit the campaigns inside the journey, you can click on any of the green campaign boxes that you want to edit, you will see the dialogue to edit the campaign content.

An example of how to edit the content of an email inside journey is explained in the animation below:

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