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How to Generate and Send coupon codes in Growlytics
How to Generate and Send coupon codes in Growlytics
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Behavior-based dynamic coupons are a great way to bring your customers back if they have gone inactive and haven't returned recently or to convert visitors who are subscribing to your newsletters.

Scenarios where dynamic coupons can use useful:

  1. Abandoned cart: Send a discount coupon to customers who have abandoned cart and is a first time purchaser β€” send a coupon code which is active only for one day to create a sense of urgency and help convert first-time visitors into paying customers.

  2. Winback lost customers: Send a discount to buyers who haven't come back recently, incentivizing them to purchase again.

  3. Welcome series: Give new subscribers a discount code as soon as they join your email list and maybe don't many any purchases in a month.

What kind of coupons can be generated?

  • You can create a fixed amount discount coupon on the entire order based on items in the cart or the minimum order amount.

  • You can create a discount in percentage discount coupon to specific or all items in the cart based on the minimum order amount.

  • You can provide free shipping discount coupons to specific or all items in the cart based on the minimum order amount or shipping price.

  • You can set the expiry time for those coupons in a number of hours or days.

  • Coupons generated from Growlytics are unique for each customer, you don't need to worry about misuse of the coupon codes being shared since the coupon code will be valid for the only customers to whom the coupon was sent.

Generate Coupon From Growlytics Dashboard

To generate a coupon, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to the Growlytics dashboard and click on "Coupons" from the side menu.

  2. You will be redirected to the coupon list page. Click on the "Create Coupon" button at the top right corner. You will be redirected to the "Create Coupon" page as shown in the screenshot below.

  3. Enter the name of the coupon for your reference.

  4. Enter any coupon prefix if you want. The coupon prefix contains letters and numbers. Coupon codes will be generated by adding 8 random letters and numbers at the end of your prefix. If you don't specify a prefix, it will be just the 8 random letters and numbers.

  5. Select coupon usage limit: Specify how you want to allow coupons to be used one time or multiple times by the same customer.

  6. Select expiry time: Select time in a number of hours or days after which coupon will expire once the coupon is generated for that customer.

  7. Select discount type: discount type can be one of the following:

    1. Fixed Amount: Use this option if you want to give fix amount of discount on the order amount.

    2. Percentage: Use this option if you want to provide a discount in percentage. You can give a percentage discount to specific products or collections or an entire order.

    3. Free Shipping: Use this option if you want to provide free shipping.

  8. Minimum Order Value: Set the minimum order amount required for coupons to be applicable.

Using coupons inside Email

Once you've created a coupon from Growlytics, you can send them by email using one of the following ways:

  1. Using coupon code blocks

    You can use coupon code block as shown in the screenshot above to send coupon codes using email. This the easiest way. You just need to select which coupon you want to send from the options and you are good to go.

    There are also many theme options available if you want to personalize the block according to your branding guidelines. If you are sending bulk emails, you can generate coupons manually from your store and put a bulk coupon as well as shown in the screenshot above.

  2. Using coupon placeholder

    You can use the coupon code placeholder (mentioned below) to mention the coupon code as a text anywhere inside the email.

{{coupon[Name-Of-Coupon][Coupon Code]|default:''}}

Using coupons inside SMS, Web-push & other channels

You can mention coupon code and expiry time just like you set user attributes inside campaign messages by adding coupon place holder.

{{coupon[Name-Of-Coupon][Coupon Code]|default:''}}

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