Zoko Integration
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Zoko is an all-in-one messaging platform to make Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, easy on WhatsApp. This article will help you understand how to integrate your Zoko account with Growlytics send WhatsApp messages from the Growlytics dashboard.

Integrating Zoko Account

Integrating the Zoko account is quite easy. You can follow the below steps to integrate your Zoko account with Growlytics.

  1. Open Growlytics dashboard.

  2. Got to Settings > WhatsApp > Create Provider.

  3. Select Zoko from the provider list.

  4. Put Zoko API key you have generated from your Zoko account.

  5. Click on "Create Provider".

Sending WhatsApp Message From Growlytics Dashboard

Once you've integrated the Zoko account, you can use the Zoko provider and mention template names, placeholders to send the message.

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