To make sure that a message gets delivered within a very specific time range, you can set a time-slot. For example, you can put a wait block to send a message only during your business hours, during specific hours in your user’s time zone, or prevent messages.

Example of time-slot

Lets take an example of a journey with following steps.

  1. Entry Point: Add To Cart

  2. Step 2: Wait for A two-day delay

    1. With a time-slot for 9AM - 5PM in the user’s time zone.

  3. Send an email after wait

Let’s say a person enters the journey by doing add to cart at 6PM. They:

  1. Wait for two days, until 6PM. This is outside the time window, so–

  2. They’ll wait again, until next day morning at 9AM.

  3. On next day at 9AM, the email will be sent.

Note that a time-slot only applies to the message that follows it.

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