Updating customer attributes in journey
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The Attribute Update journey step allows you to create, modify, or remove a customer’s attribute as they move through the journey.

Few common use cases for the Attribute Update step in journey are:

  • Setting a customer’s next birthday, for birthday campaigns

  • Setting interest of customer based on products he is purchasing.

  • Save customer's feedback and review from third party platforms like judge.me

  • Save customer's loyalty points with third party platforms like smile.io

…and we’re sure there are more we haven’t uncovered yet!

How to update customer attributes in journey?

Its quite easy. You just need to drag-drop "Set User Attribute" step in journey and mention the attribute to update in that step. You can mention the attribute to update

and value to set/increase/decrease.

And that’s it!

Save your "Update User Attribute" action, and continue setting up your journey! If you’ve found a cool use case for the attribute action or you need some help setting it up, just get in touch with our support team via dashboard chat and we’ll be happy to help.

Few notes on updating customer attributes:

  1. For numbers:

    1. For numbers you can increase/decrease the current value. If no value found, it will consider 0 as current value.

    2. For example you have set attribute update to increase value by 5, then if no value present it will consider 0 and increase that value by 5 and save.

  2. For Date attribute update:

    1. For date-time attribute, you have 4 options to modify the attribute:

      1. Set to a specific time: Input the time, you want to update to.

      2. Set to current time: Set to the journey time (When user will be processed in the journey).

      3. Increase existing time: Increase time mentioned in attribute by specific minutes, hours etc.

      4. Decrease existing time: Decrease time mentioned in attribute by specific minutes, hours etc.

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