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Using Custom HTML in Email Drag Drop Editor
Using Custom HTML in Email Drag Drop Editor
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Email drag-drop editor now as a new block "Custom HTML" that you can use to add customized HTML snippets inside email.

How to use it inside drag-drop editor?

USe following steps to add custom html blocks:

  1. Log in to Growlytics dashboard

  2. Select campaign and go to email contents section

  3. Click on add email block button

  4. You will see "Custom HTML" block there. Use this block to add your custom html.

  5. Once you select this block you will see an input box to put your custom html. And one you put the content there, you will see the preview of that html just like you see previews for any other HTML block.


  1. Your custom html snippet will be rendered inside <td> block. Use this block carefully, incostintent html content may break entire mail HTML structure.

  2. Make sure your HTML contents are mobile response, if not it may change look and fell of entire email contents.

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