Setting up Frequency Capping
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Knowing when not to send a messages can be as critical to your messaging campaigns as knowing when to send one. There must be a balance between under- and over-engagement. And frequency capping feature exactly does that.

Frequency capping allows clients to put hard stop on howmany messages customers will receive daily, weekly and monthly. If you are running too many automations and campaigns together, you can use this feature to specify a limit on the number of automated messages a customer can receive in a given time period.

For example, you can impose a limit of 5 email messages in a 24-hour period, preventing customers from receiving more than 5 email messages in a day.

How it works?

  • In Growlytics dashboard, you can set the limit for each messaging channel: email, sms, whatsapp, webpush etc.

  • For each channel, you can define howmany max messages can be sent.

  • If the limit exceeds max allowed messages for that channel, the messages will be ignored and will not be sent to customers.

  • You can decide at campaign level whether to follow "Frequency Capping" or not. This will help you ignore frequency capping and send messages any way for transactional campaign messages.

How to setup frequency capping limits?

You can use following steps to setup frequency capping limits:

  1. Login to your growlytics dashboard => Click on settings from left menu => Click on Campaign Settings => Click on Frequency Capping Tab.

  2. You will see a table like in screenshot above. In this table, you can specify max messages that can be sent to customers on different channels.

  3. You can also set the max allowed messages combining all the messaging channels.

Apply frequency capping in campaign

While creatigng a campaign, on the first basic info step, you will see "Follow Frequency Capping" checkbox, set it to true if you want to follow frequency capping, keep it false otherwise.

Apply frequency capping in journey automations

While saving journey settings, you will see "Follow Frequency Capping" checkbox, set it to true if you want to follow frequency capping for the journey, keep it false otherwise.

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