Creating Connector Campaigns
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Connector Campaigns allow you to send campaign messages using API endpoints. You can use connector campaigns to:

  • Send email/SMS/WhatsApp messages using a vendor who has not partnered with Growlytics yet.

  • You can pass data to any third-party analytics system.

Hot it works?

To send the connector campaign, you will need to provide HTTP endpoint details in the campaign content step as shown in screenshot below.

Input parameters:

  1. Endpoint URL: Specify the URL of the endpoint without query parameters.

  2. HTTP Method: Specify the HTTP method to use while hitting the API endpoint.

  3. Query Parameters: Specify URL query parameters here. You can also personalize the query parameters. For example, if you want to mention a customer's system id or any other attribute, you can do it from here.

  4. HTTP Headers: Specify headers to mention in the API call. For example, you can mention authentication parameters here.

  5. Request Body: Mention the API parameters here.

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