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How to create static lists segment?
How to create static lists segment?
This guide will help your create Static Segments
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Growth teams often perform their custom analysis on the users and user data. Post the analysis, growth teams would want to use these users in a campaign or perform further analysis.

These users can be uploaded to Growlytics and used as Static lists. The Static list is a list of users. Static lists can be used for Growlytics campaigns or Analytics.

Static lists provide flexibility to create and target user segments that you may have identified through some user analysis at your end. You can import a list of users containing one of the User Attributes that identifies a unique user, and a custom segment of these users gets created.

Step 1:

Navigate to Growlytics Dashboard > Customers > Static lists > Create Static lists

Step 2:

Click on Select File to Upload CSV > Purpose of Upload > Click on Continue

If you're selecting Upload & Add to New Static List you need to Provide custom static list Name. If not then you can choose from Existing static list.

Step 3:

Select the User Attribute that your list is using. For example, if you have a list of the Name of the users, select Name from the select attribute to map dropdown.

If you want to create a new attribute, Select create new attribute > Enter user Attribute name > Select attribute data type from the drop-down.

Provide an email where Growlytics can inform, once the segment gets created.

File Format

Please check your file before uploading it to Growlytics. Make sure the file that you upload does not have duplicate values, special characters, double quotes, or empty rows.

  • It should be CSV file

  • Please don't specify headers in csv.

  • Maximum 25 columns are allowed.

  • Maximum 10,000 records can be uploaded at a time.

  • Please specify atleast one column as your uniquely identfiable system id.

And that’s it, you have successfully added static lists to Growlytics.

If you have any queries regarding Static lists, reach out to us at

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