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Creating Segments In Growlytics
Creating Segments In Growlytics
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A segment is a group of users with similar behaviors. Using segments, you can create a group of customers based on their properties like location, profile, or past activities. You can learn more about segments from this article.

Creating Dynamic Segments

You can follow the instructions given below to create dynamic segments.

Step1: Navigate To Segments

Navigate to Growlytics Dashboard > Customers > Saved segments. Click on "Create Segment" button in the top right corner.

When you click on the "Create Segment" button, you will be redirected to create segment page.

Step2: Specify Segment Filters

In this step, you will need to define filter criteria for the segments. You can define three criterias here: User Attribute Filter, Performed Event Filter, and Not Performed Event filter.

User Attribute Filter

Click on the "User Attribute" button and select the user property you want to filter by, select the comparison type(like equal, not equal, greater than), and mention the value you want to compare to.

Event Performed/Not Performed Filters

For event filters, you can mention filter whether the customer has performed an event or the customer has not performed an event. Click on the "Performed Event" or the "Not Performed Event" button to continue.

Select an event from event list

Specify the number of times the user should have done that event (Not applicable for "Not Performed"). Next, provide the timing duration to check whether the customer has done that activity in that given time range.

Now, here you can not just check the event performed/ not performed, you can also check if the customer has performed the event with the given attribute value. To do that, click on "Add [Event Name] Condition" button below the event name that you have selected.

Now here you can select the attribute to check for condition, specify the comparison type and value to compare with.

You can put multiple conditions for given events here and specify that if any of that conditions should match or if all conditions should match.


Example - Create Segment: Inactive Loyal Customers

Let's try to create a segment of customers who are loyal, have spent more than 10,000 on your store, and haven't been purchasing anything for the last 3 months, but they may have done add to cart once in last 30 days.

they have visited website To create this segment, we will define the following rules:

  1. Customer Attribute Filter "Total Spent" > 10,000

  2. Performed Event "Add To Cart" in the last 30 days.

  3. Not Performed Event "Purchased" in last 3 months.

You can check the screenshot below with above segment criteria mentioned.

You're done with creating a user segment now follow it up with creating a campaign to target these users. Learn more about creating campaigns in this article.

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