Integrate Sendgrid With Growlytics
A complete guide on configuring Sendgrid as an Email Provider
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SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers. SendGrid manages all of the technical details, from scaling the infrastructure to ISP outreach and reputation monitoring to whitelist services and real-time analytics.


  • Ensure you have access to your Sendgrid account.

  • Ensure that your Sendgrid account is set up and configured.

Configure Sendgrid account

You can sign up for SendGrid at and select your pricing plan. After account creation, you can optionally white-label your domain in your account by clicking on the "Set Up + Configure" button.


Add a new domain and click on "Save". Then you can add the SendGrid specified TXT Records in your domain's DNS settings. This will remove "via" seen by email recipients.


Configure Sendgrid in Growlytics Dashboard

To configure Sendgrid in Growlytics, login to your growlytics dashboard and go to Settings > Email > Add Provider > Select "Sendgrid" from the drop-down.

When SendGrid is selected, you will be asked to provide the Sendgrid API key and email address.

  • API KEY: Generate and put Sendgrid api key here.

  • From Email Address: Email id you want to use to send emails from Growlytics. Make sure the that you are mentioning here is approved in SendGrid.

Configure SendGrid Webhooks For Delivery Reports

Next, to receive delivery reports from Sendgrid, you will need to configure Sendgrid webhooks.

  1. Login to your Sendgrid dashboard, go to Settings > Mail Settings > Event Webhooks. You will be seeing a popup to provide a webhook URL as shown in the screenshot below:

  2. Copy the webhook URL from your Growlytics dashboard for SendGrid and paste it in the webhook input box in Sengrid dashboard.

3. After configuring the webhook URL, option for the following delivery events in SendGrid dashboard: Dropped, Bounced, Delivered

That's all you need to do for SendGrid integration. Make sure you are sending a test campaign to test how the integration is working.

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