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How to use Growlytics short links in Whatsapp
How to use Growlytics short links in Whatsapp
This article describes how Growlytics uses short links for tracking click rates for whatsapp and SMS campaigns.
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Adding short links for template approval

while submitting WhatsApp templates for approval in your WhatsApp providers portal, it is mandatory to add the Growlytics short link if the template contains CTAs/Buttons.

Growlytics uses the URL<short-code> as its short link domain

So while submitting the template for approval, the dynamic link URL for the CTAs/BUTTONS should be replaced with

For Example : If the default dynamic link is, it should be replaced as{{1}}

Adding short links in Growlytics

Once the template is approved, you can follow the steps mentioned below for adding the links to the actual campaign in Growlytics.

  1. After adding the content body to the WhatsApp editor, below you will see the option to add the button links.

  2. Here you cannot add the button link directly as this will lead to an error with a double domain link.

  3. For Example, If we add the link then the button will lead to an invalid link

  4. To avoid this, click on create short link button, paste the actual link and then select the option only generate shortcode, without domain name in the URL as shown in the screenshot below

Click on create a short link, a code will appear as shown in the screenshot below, copy this code and add it to the Button link placeholder. This code will have the actual link that is

Now save the draft and do a "Send Test", the actual message that you will receive will contain the button with the actual link

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